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Introduction about Free Socks Proxy Lists

☞ About Socks Proxies and ours Free Socks Proxy List
  • SOCKS Proxies - Transfers all the traffic between the client and the server,It's use TCP/UDP protocol,operates at a lower level(shim-layer) – compare with HTTP proxy which is on application layer.It's more flexible, HTTP proxy can ONLY be used to handle HTTP request,the socks proxies can be used to FTP,ICQ MSN, Outlook, TheBat,Skype,QQ,online games...The socks proxy is working as tunnel on tcp/ip connections,and all socks proxies are anonymous,the web server can't know you're using the socks proxy service that's a good solution for online security and anonymity.
  • Socks Proxy List - Ours free socks list contain socks4 and socks5.The socks 5 proxy is more versatile than socks 5. Our server continuously scan and harvest socks Proxy online.The quantity of socks proxies is far less than http proxies.You can uses the proxy to hide your IP address and protect your privacy.
☞ Type of Socks Proxy Servers

There are two version of SOCKS,Version 4 and 5.

  • Socks 4 - support TCP proxy,can't working with UDP protocols,So,It doses support authentication and Name resolution(DNS lookups),the Socks4 Proxy can be works on web surfing with browser,NNTP newsgroup access,FTP and Internet Relay Chat application.
  • Socks 5 - is the most used and secure proxy protocols,Suport both TCP and UDP,with UDP you can get Name resolution(DNS lookups) and authentication.You can use the Socks5 proxy instead of Socks4 proxy,More over you can use the it's for ICQ,Skype and so on.