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A short introduction about Free Socks Proxy Lists

☞ Why Use Google Passed Proxy?
  • Lots of Public proxies are banned by google,that's need to fill in CAPTCHA to search,So you're need find Google Passed Proxies to search on Big G.
  • Google Proxies are great for some SEO tools like Gscraper,ScrapeBox...for Harvesting date from google, Usually the free google proxies are dead soon for lots of queries in short time,That's why We recommend you should find a paid google proxy service to get stable searching results and save time.
☞ Ours Google Passed Proxy Lists
  • The Free Google Proxy Lists are filter with working on searchin,all of proxies are support on Big G! Ours Free Google Proxies are refreshing at real-time,That's great for web Scraping and never worry about the proxies are banned or not for it's free.